my hair color is always black.

i have peterpan syndrome.

ice cream always makes me happy.

i'll go to canada within 2 years.

im not vegetarian.

i love asian foods.

i hate cigarette's smoke.

marble chocolate is amazing.

i always manifest by my face. (im not pokerface.)

I love cuddles from happy tree friends.

blue cheese with honey is my favorite.

i love stars and cute skulls.

im curious.

i love rody.

my life revolves around music.

i have ever broken my middle finger.

i live in my favorite city Tokyo.

i always wanna fly.

black is my favorite color.

i love summer. (i hate winter.)

i can't drive.

i love drinking with friends.

i hate casual sex.

jack black is a genious.

im 5'6. (in Japan im 10cm taller than average.)

i have never given birth.

i like meeting new people.

i don't like emo.

i love make-up.

i love getting a much sleep.

im kinda shy.

i wanna live forever.

im a weirdo and im a normal.

my treasure is my past and my future.

i cry with sports.

i cry with dream temperature.

i cry with memory of love.



P,S オススメちょっとだけ更新してまーす、わよハート1




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